About us

The Coalition Against Rate-Setting has been formed in reaction to proposals for the federal government to set prices in the healthcare sector, despite a lengthy track record of failures caused by government overreach. In particular, some lawmakers are pushing to give bureaucrats the power to set healthcare prices in cases of “surprise medical bills,” where patients receive unexpected bills days or even weeks after being discharged from an in-network hospital where they were treated by an out-of-network physician. These price controls would be a disaster for patients and our nation’s healthcare system overall.

Our Activities

Fighting for a healthcare system that lets patients choose doctors and treatments that work for them at reasonable and predictable prices.
Opposing any and all attempts to “solve” the issue of surprise medical billing via rate-setting (government intervention), while highlighting the government policies that gives rise to these billing issues.
Working together to educate policymakers and the public on the importance of markets in medicine free of federal fiat.